Should I hire an Immigration Lawyer?

This is a question we hear far too often, and the short answer is “Definitely”!
At the very least, consult with an experienced, highly rated, Immigration Lawyer before starting your journey.

Here is an infographic we put together comparing our firm, Alo Legal, with a popular alternative to lawyers, “Notarios”.

Be aware that “Notarios” come in many different forms and names. They could call themselves “immigration paralegals”, “Immigration Preparers” or “Immigration Form Preparers”, but they all have one thing in common; they are NOT AUTHORIZED to practice Immigration Law.

They should be prosecuted for the Unauthorized Practice of Law. However, they don’t care because they have no license to lose.

Don’t make the mistake of paying a Notario, hire an Immigration Lawyer in the first place. Otherwise, you’ll be hiring a lawyer to clean up the mess created by the Notario.

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Notario vs. Lawyer

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