Month: June 2024

Parole in Place

Biden Admin announces Parole in Place (PIP) for spouses of US Citizens

On June 17th, 2024, the Department of Homeland Security announced the expansion of Parole-in-Place to certain undocumented Spouses, children and stepchildren of US Citizens. This move does not magically make people who are ineligible for Permanent Residency suddenly eligible. It does, however, remove a large obstacle for some who are otherwise eligible.

The barrier that has been removed is the requirement to travel outside the US in order to obtain their immigrant visas (Green Cards). This new PIP expansion allows them to apply in the U.S. if they have been here for at least 10 years.

This is a great move in my opinion as it removes a huge obstacle for many who were afraid to leave the country. All of the individuals who will now qualify for PIP have deep roots in their communities, and have been in the US for at least 10 years. This will bring them into the fold of the legal immigrants, and allow them to come out of the shadows.

More to come in future posts once we get more details. Until then, stay tuned for updates.


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