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No DACA deal in sight

Despite the government shutdown, and the threats by democrats not to pass a spending bill that didn’t deal with the DACA problem, congress passed a spending bill, and the government was reopen.

DACA recipients still await their fate as their issue has now become a political bargaining chip with deal in sight.

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Asylum Approval

After over three years of patiently waiting, another client has finally been approved for Asylum.

For those who are unfamiliar, having your Asylum case approved is a life changing event. Gone are the worries of being sent back to an oppressive regime, where you will likely be killed. Gone are the nightmares of the torture and abuse that you underwent. Now the healing begins, and the future begins to look brighter.

We sincerely hope and pray that all those seeking asylum are processed, interviewed, and given decisions in a timely matter.

USCIS Work Authorization Document and Social Security Number

Some welcome news from USCIS. You can now have your Social Security Card delivered automatically when your EAD is approved.

You no longer have to go to the Social Security Administration office to apply for a number. This is great news and helps streamline the process for new SSA applicants.

What to do if you are in an auto accident

As part of our expanding Personal Injury practice, today we bring you a guide on what to do if you are involved in a car accident:

— Call 911 —
If you are hit by another driver, the best thing to do is call 911. Not only will they send help if you are injured, but they will also document a lot of information that you will need later on. Further, they interview witnesses if available.

— Remain Calm —
If you are hurt, try not to move very much. If you feel you are in an unsafe place, try to calmly move to a safer location until help arrives.

If you are not hurt, see if others with you are hurt or need help. There is no point arguing with the other driver about who’s fault it was. Once the officer arrives, they will sort it out.

— Remember what happened —
If you can take notes about where you were going, what side of the street you were on, where your car ended up, what color the traffic light was.
This is useful immediately to help you think about what you will tell the officer who shows up, and also important later on down the road.

— Take pictures and names of witnesses —
Everyone has a camera on their cell phone these days. When you get a chance and you are out of harms way, take pictures of the cars, the intersection, the license plates, the insurance cards, any marks on the road, or any spills.

If there are any witnesses try to get their names and numbers.

Call your attorney, and don’t talk to insurance adjusters.
I have had many clients tell me about how insurance companies tried to low ball them on pain and suffering. Its quite shocking the amounts insurance companies will offer when an attorney is not involved. They will try to bait you into taking a quick offer, even before your treatment is done.

Call your lawyer, set an appointment, and tell the lawyer what happened. The lawyer will take care of the rest.