Biggest mistake while filing an I-130

Don’t make this mistake!!!
I have seen this enough times that it now requires a blog post. Unfortunately, it’s happens with applicants who don’t hire attorneys, who either try to do it themselves, or ask for help from the wrong person.
This is Immigration 101, and any immigration lawyer, with even minimal experience, should never make this mistake. This mistake can cost you thousands of dollars, and months of delays.

Here it is:
When filling out an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative with USCIS, make sure you fill out one of these two sections:

If you don’t fill out one these sections, USCIS doesn’t know what to do with your case once its approved, and it will just sit in their offices collecting dust. The only way to get it moving is to fill out an I-824, and pay that fee. It will also take USCIS a ridiculous amount of time to just send your application to where you need it to go.

  • If your relative is inside the US, and you are eligible for Adjustment of Status, you fill out the first section.
  • If your relative is overseas, and will continue the process at a US Embassy, you fill out the second section.

    The biggest mistake you can make is NOT consulting an experienced immigration attorney anytime you are dealing with any immigration issues.
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